14. - 16. Mai 2020


Essen Germany


Mecca of postal administrations

11.02.2017 | The stamp fair in Essen is the only regular event in the world with such a high proportion of foreign postal administrations. The PostEurop, the association of the European postal organizations, has been appreciating this for years and is holding a seminar for its members again during the fair.

This year again, new postal administrations can be welcomed. For the first time, the Channel Island of Guernsey is represented with its own stand and staff. After some interruption Gibraltar and Romania are back again. The "newcomers" of last year have also booked again: Monaco, Kyrgyzstan and San Marino. France is represented for the first time by the French company Yvert et Tellier, which also offers its own products.

We are currently in talks with postal administrations. However, it is already clear that the brand of 30 countries will again be significantly exceeded.

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